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Wedding Makeup | Annie

Eyeshadows are sooo much fun. I often use MAC shadows or I’ll choose my favourite shades from different palettes from several brands- Urban Decay and Inglot are some staples of mine. So when I met Annie for the first time I wanted to go for a soft classic eye look. In my opinion smokey eye just screams false eyelashes to make a more dramatic but not over the top look with lightly line lips, a natural colour and some sheer in peach or barley there pick nude to fill in her lips.

So to enhance her eyes I lined her liner upward to ensure her eyes looked larger and rounder. I then curled those lashes added, falsies and applied 2 coats of black mascara. A makeup look is never finished until you’ve groomed and filled in your brows. In order for her eyes to look flawless we went for a medium defined eyebrow game. I filled in sparse areas with eyebrow powder and combed the brows until they were in place. A bold brow looks great with a smokey eye because you can draw even more attention to those stunning eyes.

Here’s what I used on Annie:

Complexion: Makeup Forever HD Foundation, Nars Illumintor in Orgasm

Eyes: Urban decay Naked Palette 1, All That Glitters Mac Cosmetics, Urban Decay Brown Eyeliner

Lips: Yash Lipstick and Spice liner MAC Cosmetics

Lashes: Model Rock Individual Lashes

Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Photography: Celebrate Photography


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Wedding Makeup | Skincare

Most woman think that makeup will fix everything. Well, I’ve got news for you ladies. IT WON’T!!!! Every bride wants amazing flawless skin but this is something I Can’t do on my own as an artist. Skin needs daily attention and I know some of you will say I don’t have time and a thousand other excuses…I have more news for you ummmm yes you do. It only takes a few min’s of your day in the shower. I can’t express how important it is to cleanse, tone, moisturise and exfoliate on a daily basis. Below is a step by step guide on how to prepare your skin for your wedding day:

1) Gently wash your face. Our faces are exposed to external factors (wind, rain, sunshine etc) continuously and this results in the forming of dead dells on the surface of our skin.

Make sure you buy a non abrasive gentle wash, place a little product on your finger’s add warm water and gently massage into skin using circular movements.

Concentrate on rough areas like nose or chin. avoid eye area. Rinse product off with warm water, pat your face dry and be gentle.

2) Use a toner. After a face scrub it is important to use a toner. This will close pores freshen your skin and remove any remaining impurity. Use cotton to swipe your face with a toner. Avoid eye area. Do not rinse off the toner. It dries instantly.

3) Moisturize moisturize moisturize!!!! The all important step to healthy skin, I cannot emphasize this enough. Your skin needs hydration to keep it nouished and healthy. The difference is huge. TIP: Whichever moisturizer you choose make sure it has a built in SPF15 at least to block out damaging skin rays. Moisturizer should be applied morning before makeup and at night before going to bed.

This simple makeup essentials 3 step routine will keep your face looking fresh and healthy.

Ohhhhhh I almost forgot another tip. Make sure your drinking plenty of water. You’d be amazed at what water can do for you internally and externally.

Happy skincare ladies!!!!


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Smokey Eyes | Danika

Let me introduce this stunning face to you all.

Danika booked me in well over a year before her wedding day and I’m blessed to have been a part of her big day. She sure is a hottie..

It came as no surprise that with Danika’s bridal look I wanted to make her eyes pop and ensure her skin was highlighted and contoured. Now, highlighting and contouring has been around for so long thanks to the Kardashian’s, but it’s only recently become the new hype and a lot more makeup artists are implementing it into their bridal makeup looks. ( I’ll write more about highlight and contour in another post) The key to contouring is BLEND BLEND BLEND.

So for Danika’s wedding day look these are the key products that I used:

Complexion: Mac Studio Fix Fluid mixed with Mac Sculpt Foundation. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Powder Palette. Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter

Eyes: Urban Decay Eye shadow Primer, Urban Decay Naked Palette, Model Rock Individual lashes

Lips: Urban decay Lip liner In Obsessed Mac Long wear Lip glass Patience Please


Photography Macdougal Photography
Hair Ferraricreative
Gown Maggie Sottero


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False Lashes | Stacy

Step up your eye makeup game with some glamorous false lashes.

Falsies add definition and depth to eyes that mascara just can’t replicate.

False lashes are a bridal makeup look “must have”. I personally love individual false lashes. Although my makeup kit is fully stocked both with full strips and individuals. I know with individuals once there put on properly no matter how much the bride cries or how windy it is there not moving. There incredibly lightweight and the beauty of them is I can make them look like a full strip without the added heaviness. From simple to glam individual lashes are amazing..

They look incredible with a winged eye liner, easy to maintain and easier to fall in love with. False eyelashes open up your eyes, making them appear larger and brighter. Plus what’s more glamorous than batting your false lashes at your husband!!!

Once you schedule your bridal makeup trial at belle@bellaformakeup.com I’ll go through and show you the stunning lashes I have in my kit.


Photography: Splendid Photography
Hair: Estelle Hair


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Bridal Makeup | Paige

When Paige hired me to get her ready for her wedding day in Shelly beach I couldn’t help but feel incredibly flattered. I was going for a more glamorous bridal vibe with her.

Below is what I used to create her look:

Primer- Hourglass Veil

Foundation- MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid- ONe of my favourite foundations. It lasts long, photographs beautifully. Applied with a brush

Concealer- Mac Pro Longwear- It’s grat coverage and never looks heavy or cakey

Contour- Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Palette- I’m not a huge fan over contouring as it looks quite harsh in the flesh so I like to keep it soft.

Lip Liner- Mac Cosmetics Soar

Lipstick- Mac Cosmetics Please Me

Lip Gloss- Bobbi Brown Pale Pick

Cheeks- Nars Orgasm and Benefit Hoola Powder

Eyes- Urban Decay Primer, Mac Cosmetics Naked Lunch, Embark, Urban decay Eye Liner, Benefit They’re Real Mascara, Inglot Black Gel Liner top lash line. Model Rock Full lashes



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