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Strobing | Beth

Strobing is a makeup technique most of us makeup artist’s use on their clients. It involves highlighting their face using light only and the effect is just as flattering as a pop of the camera flash. It gives the face a dewy fresh complexion, highlights your best features and can make you look younger. Strobing can be used to brighten your eyes, sculpt your nose, emphasise your pout, and enhance your cheek bones.

Beth’s makeup look was for her school formal where I used a full strip of lashes from ModelRock. She has the most amazing flawless skin where I didn’t have to apply much foundation on her. I highlighted her inner eyes, cheekbones, bridge of her nose and cupid’s bow and viola.

You can strobe like a pro as well. Just use the following steps below and let me know how you go:

To enhance and sculpt- Apply a highlighter I love soft and gentle from Mac Cosmetics to the top of the cheek bones and down the nose

To Brighten the Eyes- Apply a highlighter to the brow bone and inner corner off the eye

To Brighten the Skin- Apply a highlighter to the forehead and chin

To create the illusion of fuller lips- Apply to the cupid’s bow


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