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Terms and Conditions


All photographs taken by Bella For Makeup are the property of Bella For Makeup and may be used for promotional/advertising purposes. In the event you have hired a professional photographer you agree to supply Bella For Makeup with a selection of photographs demonstrating her work for portfolio, promotional or marketing purposes if requested.


The following booking fees are payable immediately upon making a booking. If the booking fee is not paid immediately or is invalidated by your bank, a booking will not be made and if a booking has been made prior to a payment being invalidated, such booking will be cancelled without any further penalty.

Clients within Sydney metropolitan area: The greater of $200.00 or $50 per person

Clients outside Sydney metropolitan area: 50% of total cost estimated Where travel, accommodation or parking fees are payable, you agree to make all the relevant arrangements for such travel, accommodation or parking at your expense and prior to the booked date.


In order to ensure that Bella For Makeup’s services and Bella For Makeup clients are not compromised by any clients indecision, any cancellation of a booking within 12 weeks of the booked date will incur a 50% cancellation fee, calculated as follows:

Clients within Sydney metropolitan area: 50% of the total cost estimated for the wedding day. Clients outside Sydney metropolitan area: 50% of total cost estimated for the wedding day. Any rescheduling/cancellations of bookings are to be made and will only be accepted if in writing. You are solely responsible for ensuring that Bella For Makeup receives your written rescheduling/cancellation. Any rescheduling/cancellation will only affect your receipt of a confirmation email/letter from Bella For Makeup acknowledging receipt of your written rescheduling/cancellation. All final payments must be paid on the booked date.


Bella For Makeup does not employ health care practitioners, skin specialists or staff qualified to provide medical advice with regards to potential adverse health effects from the use of makeup or products, which may be applied, to the client. Bella For Makeup cannot warrant against adverse health resulting from application of makeup or products to Clients. Clients must therefore obtain their own medical advice prior to the application of makeup or products. Accordingly, Bella For Makeup shall at no time be liable for any injury or adverse health effects, nor shall be liable for any hospital, medical or related payments on the failure of the Client to comply with this condition.